Bring on the fat

Lose weight through a high fat diet

Over the years, enough dieting plans, weight loss methods and fat burning schemes have been made to possibly full an entire library. It is more than likely that there is a dietary section in your local book shop, filled with rows of suggested health plans and exercise programmes from an array of professionals who claim their theory is the revolutionary one.

However, one particular diet has caught the world’s attention and it is more so because it includes a food group we would otherwise leave out completely. Formally known as the Low Carbohydrates High Fat (LCHF) diet, this “revolutionary” theory’s supposed claim to fame is based on the mere fact that it mentions “high fat” in its title. For someone who is trying to move down a few pants sizes, those aren’t the two words you would expect to be meshed together when reading up on a weight loss plan.

The trick is with LCHF is to stay away from sugary substances, from candy bars to fruits, as well as starchy foods (you can kiss that extra side plate of skinny fries goodbye), but fill your plate with delicious meats, fish, roasted vegetables and natural fats. Yes, fats. We’re talking butter here as well as full cream milk. Lots of it. Well, that depends on how much you need to consume in order to reach full stomach capacity. That is, eat until you are no longer hungry.

One of the best parts about the LCHF diet is that you don’t need to count your calorie intake. No more cutting back on lunch because you already overstepped your calorie mark at breakfast. Stay away from beer, because of the yeast, and margarine, but if you are tempted for a cheat day, dark chocolate that has 70% coco and dry wine, vodka or sugarless cocktails will do just fine. After all, a little bit won’t harm your diet, just make sure to not go overboard. Who knows, this could be the “revolutionary” diet we have all been waiting for.


Article By Alana Lane